No Natal A Gente Vem Te Buscar

(We Come To Pick You Up at Christmas)

by Naum Alves de Souza

This physical theatre play is a compelling story about how we deal with our old and distant relatives. A de Castro is working on the translation of this magnificent Brazilian text by one of the most loved Brazilian authors, with the aim of producing the play here in the UK for the very first time.

Immediate requirements:

Research and development period to:

  • improve the rough translation using improvisations with physical theatre actors and directors.
  • find a way to transport the poetry, humour and tragedy of the text in a very physical and simple way. Angela de Castro wants to use her finds of her research on the use of clowning in serious theatre and tragedies.
  • experiment with space using as little set as possible.

Co-producers, theatres, arts centres and festivals are welcome to get in touch for further information and to discuss possible collaboration.


Click here to download a synopsis of the play
Click here to download Naum Alves de Souza biography