Working with business people and corporate organisations In November 2008, we launched a sister organisation, Why Not Enterprises, to offer training and consultancy on creativity, public presentation, team building, and personal and organisational development specifically for businesses.

Clowning offers profound lessons in issues facing everyone in modern businesses. Failure, truth, sincerity, presence in the moment, team development, play, learning … these are all things that the state of clowning tackles. Businesses can gain profound insight and change through contact with clown training.

The work we offer business is cutting edge and challenging and not for the faint hearted. But for those looking for something different to bring about change at personal, team and organisational levels, then the training we offer based on the lessons of clowning can open doors to real change. Our work is focused on action, engagement, and being in the sometimes uncomfortable moment of learning.

This work takes individuals and teams to places untouched by traditional and classroom-based training but always leaves those involved in a place of safety, stretched but inspired.

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