Chalk and Cheese (working title)

A show about being open to our differences

Two people sit on a bench – one older, one younger. Can they overcome their contrasts and contradictions to find some common humanity? Or will this just be a brief encounter?

Do they connect? … or don’t they? … and then what happens? …

From the serious to the silly, this is a show with humour, honesty and simple, big-hearted humanity which gets us to look again at how we interact with others. Do we meet difference with fear or with an openness and optimism to learn and connect?

With Beckettian overtones, this funny and accessible physical comedy show gets us to look at life from a different angle and laugh into the bargain.

Considered one of the world’s best female clowns, de Castro (they/them) brings a new show to the UK. Known for the moving humanity of their work, delivered with deceptive simplicity, this show once again explores de Castro’s obsession with the human condition. Focusing on the way that we connect beyond polarising difference, this funny and fun show touches on important themes without ever losing its joyous and silly heart.

Original concept by: A de Castro
Written and developed by: A de Castro and Stephen Sobal
Director: Stephen Sobal