only fools (no horses)

Contemporary Clowning Projects Presents

only fools (no horses)

It’s just another day in the office for Feste, Touchstone and Lear’s Fool – 3 of Shakespeare’s beloved characters. Stuck in the worlds of their plays, their never ending roles are becoming more than a bit of a bore. Suspended together in a parallel universe, entertaining and tormenting each other, we hear the stories of these desperate fools as they try to understand where they are, why, and how to escape the purgatory that they’ve been condemned to.

Angela de Castro created the concept for only fools (no horses) with Stephen Wisker in 2001 while Artist in Residence at ArtsEd in London. A second stage of development took place with input from John Wright and support from Riverside Studios. Finally, only fools was produced as a middle scale touring show, complete with rigging and music.

A highly visual and magical production, only fools blended dark, edgy humour with tragedy, taking the audience on a poignant journey of lost hopes and dreams. An adult show with strong language and strong themes.

Directed by John Wright
Written by Sarah Woods from an idea by Angela de Castro
Choreography by Lindsey Butcher
Designed by Michael Breakey
Lighting by Douglas Kuhrt

Funded by London Arts Board, Arts Council England, Circus Space
Supported by Riverside Studios, London; The Lighthouse, Poole; Corn Exchange Newbury; The Why Not Institute

‘Hopelessly brilliant at being inept’

West End Review, London

‘ Prepare to be entertained. One blink and you are in danger of missing something ludicrously funny.’

The Voice

‘a genius clown who is like Buster Keaton, holding that beautiful balance between complete and utter fragility and complete power.’

Due South Magazine

‘The full metaphysical force of clowning at the highest level’

The Scotsman (on Angela de Castro)