CCP offers a number of shows and acts for tour. Please click the links below to be taken to details of our productions.

(Angela de Castro is) “a tremendous Brazilian performer who is the last word in poignancy.”
The Independent

Current Productions

The Gift

A clown waits for his new date to arrive. Smart, proud and optimistic he waits longingly, impatiently … waits … and waits …


Two to three clowns take the place of the stage hands and cause chaos with their unruly antics …

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On-going Development


‘Alleluia, a Clown Opera’ (aka ‘Alone: All One’) is a concept, character and …

Laughing Matters

He who laughs … lasts.
Is laughing contagious? Is laughing infectious? Angela de Castro wants to find out …

Chalk and Cheese (working title)

A show about being open to our differences
Two people sit on a bench – one older, one younger. Can they overcome their contrasts and …

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Past Productions

only fools (no horses)

It’s just another day in the office for Feste, Touchstone and Lear’s Fool …

My Life Is Like A YoYo

From the original stories and poems of Angela de Castro …

Oh Carols!

Angela de Castro’s clown choir. ‘can make you laugh and cry in the same moment, a sign of serious talent.’ Everywoman …

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