The ‘Stage Hands’ (2 – 3 clowns) take on the stage hand role in between acts, clearing the stage for the next act and, in the process, causing chaos with their unruly antics and keeping the audience in tears of laughter.

This is an extremely versatile and straightforward act, requiring no particular staging. It works well as a link between cabaret acts or similar and brings together a show with a number of elements.

The ‘Stage Hands’ also works in other contexts, such as front of house, ushers, organising queues and whatever is needed to run any event where an audience needs entertaining and focusing. It is ideal for cabaret/mixed bills nights, as an ‘entre acts’ and as a walk about in festivals.

The ‘Stage Hands’ has travelled to many festivals in Spain, Andorra, Brazil and England.

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‘Prepare to be entertained. One blink and you are in danger of missing something ludicrously funny.’
The Voice